This winter training center XP Injection organized and successfully conducted an  XP Days Ukraine conference in Kiev, completely devoted to Agile engineering practices. XP Days Ukraine is more than a conference. Organizers provided participants with ability to gain new practical skills in addition to new ideas and theoretical knowledge from conference talks. First two days (December 3-4) was filled with trainings and workshops. The next two days (December 5-6) had a usual conference format with talks and master classes.

Engineering practices as a topic for this conference was chosen because the most important part of every development process is code creation. And XP (eXtreme Programming) methodology provides set of great practices that help to create high quality code quickly and with low risks.

Talks on the conference covered all main engineering practices: Unit Testing, TDD, Continuous Integration, BDD, Code Review, Refactoring, Acceptance Testing, etc. Such questions as architecture in Agile projects, technical debt, communication between developers and testers was also discussed. We invited authors and key developers of different modern development tools that support engineering practices. Participants also had an opportunityy to ask them questions and share a beer in the evening.

Morning@Lohika was honored with a chance to be a media partner of such event and did it’s best to invite developers, QA engineers, team leaders, architects, project managers and all others who use engineering practices in their teams and love to work in this way in order to share their experience and gain some useful and up-to-date knowledge.

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