Presentation: The Way from Processing to Orchestration

Description: It is well-known fact that data volume increases every single day. So the necessity of it grows sweepingly too. In the past, it was enough to process gigabytes just once per day, but now it is required to handle terabytes on the fly.

In this presentation, Sergey described (up to 100к requests per second) that provides real-time analytics. Historically it was based on the Apache Storm and over the last year it has evolved significantly. Many issues have been resolved and a lot of experience has been gained.    

Sergey Levandovskiy

Sergey is a software engineer with over 7 years of experience in the high-load projects. His current interests are distributed systems and approaches in a big data processing.

Presentation: Kafka Streams – The Power without the Weight

Description: During this talk Dmitry overviewed key features of Kafka Streams library and highlight the difference with existing streaming frameworks. A few demos were also included!

Dmitry Karpov

Dmitry is a senior developer with 8+ years of experience in developing and designing of enterprise level products. Big fan of new technologies, particularly keen on following big data trends, learning new frameworks and using them in practice. On top of that, a vivid personality, an aspiring chef with a remarkable skill to turn even a simple food into a work of art and a good speaker that will try to turn dry technical subject into an engrossing presentation.

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