Let’s remind us all of our past event, which took place on 21st of April. We met our old and new friends Lyubomyr Demkiv, Research engineer @ Softserve, Igor Andrusyk, Self-employed, and Andriy Petlovanyy, Head of Software @ Shadow Robot.

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Here you will find the presentation of all our speakers: https://goo.gl/L4U3yQ

1. Development of Telepresence Robot with ROS

The essential steps for development of a robot using ROS will be discussed.
The designed robot can navigate through the building, communicate via VR/AR, Web, etc.

Lyubomyr Demkiv, Research engineer @ Softserve

Lyubomyr is a Ph.D., Co-Director @ NATO SPS multiyear project, discontinuously working in IT since 2003.

Igor Andrusyk, Self-employed


Igor is a freelancer, Embedded Software Engineer. He is an active participant in ROS Ukraine community. He is in robotics for 2 years. Igor participated is projects with cloud solutions for aeroponics and smart houses, in creating mobile robots in volunteer projects for Ukrainian army.

He presented his projects at Robocamp, Maker Faire etc. His technologies stack is C/C++, Python, Javascript, Android.


2. Shadow Robot’s Projects

Andriy will cover recent interesting projects on which Shadow Robot has been working, starting from Robotic Kitchen and Soft Surgical robot to the latest robot on which Shadow Robot is working now.

Andriy Petlovanyy, Head of Software @ Shadow Robot

About Andriy:
16+ years in IT, creating robots professionally for 3+ years. He is the creator of ROS Ukraine community, the main idea of which is to increase interest in robotics in Ukraine and to create real robots, which can bring benefit to society. Andriy regularly participates and becomes a speaker at international and Ukrainian conferences in robotics.