Let’s go back to what we’ve been doing last Saturday November 11. 2017. Two great speakers with awesome Robotics background shared their experience about both theoretical and practical things connected with Robotics. Also we had a chance to play with a real robot from Neato. 


Lyubomyr Demkiv, Ph.D.
Co-Director of the NATO SPS MYP project G5176. Freelance robotics and embedded developer. Associate professor at FAPPS UCU. ScD student at LPNU. I am discontinuously working in IT since 2003.
Math and ROS for Mobile Robots. Part 1

Robotics development involves programming, mechanics, math etc. Understanding the algorithms gives You keys to successful control of the robot. Some popular algorithms of the mobile robot navigation will be explained. I will speak about different control levels and how not only develop SLAM, path-finding and obstacle avoidance but also increase mobility and facilitate energy efficiency of Your robot. We will use simple formulas achieving an impressive result.


Andriy Petlovanyy

Software Team Lead at Shadow Robot Company (one of the most experienced robotics companies in UK).
Working in IT for more than 15 years.
Founder and active participant of ROS Ukraine community. The main aim of which is promotion of robotics in Ukraine.
Regularly participating and presenting on international robotics conferences and exhibitions.

Math and ROS for Mobile Robots. Part 2
– What is ROS (Robot Operating System)?
– Why should I learn it?
– How it can be used to help build robot faster?
– How can I control existing robot?”

Presentation is HERE


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