Hi, Morning@Lohikans,

We were excited to see you all at Relationship Morning@Lohika on 13th April. We enjoyed listening to the talks of Mariya Oliynyk (a Co-founder of MindForce – agency of training and development) & Nataliya Shpot (Self-Employed) from Lviv.

As usual, the event took place at Lohika Lviv office

Our speakers:

Mariya Oliynyk (Co-founder of MindForce – agency of training and development)

An experienced trainer since 2008 and a professional coach from 2014. Co-owner of the network of pre-school establishments “Bright preSchool” since 2017. Work experience in IT since 2008 at the positions of HR Manager and Head of Staff Training and Development. Initiated, designed and implemented curricula at the LiTS (Lviv IT School). Researcher of the topic of professional vocation and emotional burnout. Maria also conducts private practice as a psycotherapist.

Stronger partnerships through EQ

Description: EQ is not a “magic trick” or some strange “psycho-thing”. It’s our competence in social and professional life. It’s our ability to create,
maintain and develop relationships, coping with stress and conflicts and lead team.
This topic is about partnership and how we can make stronger relationships due EQ.
Here is a link to the presentation.

Nataliya Shpot (Self-employed)

20 years in the IT industry at managerial positions. Gestalt therapist and teacher since 2011.

Added value of relationships

Description: Since people are social creatures, relations between them always exist – close, sharp, warm, rigorous, subtle – arbitrary and different. They arise even when we do not want them and do not look for them – for example, in a bus or cabin, an aircraft annoys us, someone is sympathetic, someone is left unnoticed, and this causes silent gratitude. Work or business is full of relationships, and if we do not manage them, they manage us. What limits and what can be managed in relationships? What aspects of managerial relationships are especially important? In what moments relations turn into money? What to do with yourself, to feel confident in the relationship labyrinths?
Here is a link to the presentation.

We were very happy to see you there and share impressions during breaks!