Dear all,
We are glad to inform you that our Morning@Lohika Python From Zero To Hero,  specially designed for those who have development experience using other languages and want to take a look at Python, was successfully conducted! Thanks a lot for coming and participating! It would be impossible to do it without you.

Our event consisted of:

1. Theoretical part about Python ecosystem and developer toolbox.
2. Development of simple web application
3. Development of back-end to work with Twitter API (preferably to have your own Twitter account to use for development)

During the event all participants got theoretical and practical knowledge about Python ecosystem, and development tools. They developed a Python web application using Flask web framework. The app talked to Twitter REST API, and allowed to search tweets and display them in your application.

Among our speakers were:


Kostya Leschenko

Kosytantyn Leschenko,

Python Software Engineer at Lohika

Kostya has an extensive experience in RESTful API development.  In past I did a lot of web development with Django.  Interested in natural language processing, machine learning and functional programming.

Yuriy Senko

Yuriy Senko

Python Team Lead at Lohika

Has a solid experience in designing of high-loaded RESTful apis. On my current project we are developing high-loaded RESTful backend for mobile games on top of custom web framework and gevent and MySQL and Hadoop.

Just to remind about what we used during the event in case you need it afterwards:

1. Very short article about python syntax and  free Python course on Codeacademy:
2. Flask web framework to build our app, some additional info:
3. SQLAlchemy ORM:

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Here are presentations from our speakers:

And some photos from the event


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