Here are some post-event updates and additional info so not to forget what was going on at Lohika this Saturday.



Dmitriy Efimenko

18+ years experience. Product and team management. Software architecture and design. Business and system analysis. Sophisticated products with elusive goals

We discussed:

Produсtonomicon. Antipatterns.

Kill your product with minimal efforts! Best practices and solutions are to be applied to your management, sales, team, architecture and code approaches ever.
Audience: any not indifferent developer of any product.

Quality of the product team

He will share with you the quality management system, born in our team for a project being the company business core. Step by step we will follow the value system, processes, development practices, solutions for various complicated situations and learning on our own errors process – including all difficulties and backflashes on the way to the set aim.
So, what about you? Do you know the signs of the mature team and product, the same as the moves which will keep you afloat? Let’s verify!
Audience: any not indifferent teammates of any team.

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