Dear all,

Finally, we inform you that the last Performance Testing Morning@Lohika in 2014 successfully took place at Lohika Lviv on 6th of December!

This time we inviteed our Lohika colleagues from Odessa:
Andrey Gaevskiy – Team Lead, LoadRunner QA team
Mikhail Boichuk – QA Engineer, LoadRunner QA team
Vladimir Velichko – QA Engineer, LoadRunner QA team
Sergey Radov – Performance Engineer, HP ALM team
Andrey Kovalenko – Performance Engineer, HP ALM team

This master class consisted of a several parts.
Firstly, we discussed “Performance testing as a part of Agile” with Andrey Kovalenko:
All modern software suffer with performance issues at some point of their lifecycle. How much will it cost for your company if your customer meet such issues? What is root cause for these problems? Which knowledge and skills should you have to act as performance engineer? How can we integrate performance testing in Agile processes you use for product’s development?
We tried to describe main problems that may prevent you from getting successful application and customers from being happy.

Sergey Radov told us about “How we can automate regression tasks with help of Jenkins”:
The tests are routing and time challenging. This situation can be overcame by automating and integrating performance tests into agile software ecosystem.
By Help of well-known continuous integration systems like Jenkins, Team City, we can accept this challenge. Those systems are flexible, scalable and extendable by plugins

Vladimir Velichko described “LoadRunner as a tool” in general:
– what is Load Testing
– how it can be done
– presentation of LoadRunner and its components.

And finally Mikhail Boichuk concluded with a master class –  “LoadRunner for real task”. So, together we:
– Defined goals of load tests for real application
– Defined metrics, business processes and so on
– Performed load test according to our definitions
– Analyzed results of load test.

This master class could be interesting for all engineers who want to get additional skills in the Performance Testing area and become familiar with the product that sets industry standards in this area.


That is how the last 2014 Performance testing Morning@Lohika looked like.

And see you in 2015!

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