Dear all,
We all anticipated this People Management Morning@Lohika a lot. Both main registration and waiting list were full of people. Actually some couldn’t come, but it was anyway great event and thanks a lot for coming this time.  Lets go thru the event agenda, not to forget about what was discussed.

Taras“Influence. The Psychology of Persuasion (in IT)” by Taras Matyashovskyy

About talk: 
This presentation is inspired by famous book by Robert Cialdini and will be useful to those who would like to get acquainted with popular weapons of influence or just broaden own outlook. Taras will recall real life cases mentioned in the book as well as similar situations that are fully IT related and based on his own experience and observation. 

AndriySkuratoff“All you can know about motivation” by Andriy Skuratov 


About talk:
They say there are more then 150 definitions of motivations. Wikipedia enlists a dozen different motivation theories and the list is not really full. Scrap that! Even in it’s narrow meaning as a practical managerial tool, motivation is seen differently, and often completely differently, by various schools, authors and trainers. Lets clean up that mess…

The video will be available here soon. So while we are working on it please, fill in our feedback form below. We know that there were lots of newcomers this time and we are curious about what you guys think


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