Dear Morning@Lohikan’s, this time we had a Node.js Morning@Lohika with our old friend Vitalii Ratushnyi, Software Developer at YouWe, and our new friend – Nikita Galkin, System Architect, Independent Contractor.

The event took place on the 4 of August, at Lohika Lviv Office. The language of the topics: Russian

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Nikita Galkin

Love and Know:
– How to make developers and business happy
– Technical and process debt elimination
Believe that:
– Any problem must be solved at the right level
– Software is easy. People are hard
– A problem should be highlighted, an idea should be “sold”, a solution should be demonstrated
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Here is a link to the presentation.



How to Make a High Quality Node.js Application
Language: Russian

We started with the question “What is Quality?”. In the answer, we found several attributes, which was chapters in this talk. For every attribute, we were talking, how this quality attribute can be improved in a Node.js application, which tools or process can be used for that.

Vitalii Ratushnyi

I do believe success stories, nothing without stories of failures. Trying to practice critical thinking in work and life. Enjoying life as much as possible.
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Blow your mind with asynchronous multithreaded programming in Node.js 10.5
Language: Russian
JavaScript is single thread asynchronous language, right? It works good for browsers (mostly), but what about the server side? How often do we need multithreading, how we’re solving this problem now and how we going to solve this problem in near future, come up and find out.

Here is a link to the presentation.


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