This time we continued our NLP topics with Chapter Two dedicated to the Rise Of Science. The event took place at Lohika Lviv Office 24th of September, 2016. Here are some retrospective info not to forget what we’ve covered last time. The presentation and other post-event media will be attached soon.


Tetiana Kodliuk


Speaking briefly about myself: “My love is – Ukraine and Maths” (c) M.Kravchuk.

In 2013 year I have got the degree of Candidate of Physico-Mathematical Sciences and found the best practical implementation of Mathematics – Data Science. Now I work at V.I.Tech company which actively develops Artificial Intelligence in the solutions of different business problems. In the range of my interests are: Machine learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Recommendations systems, Time Series analysis. In everyday life, I use Python, also Pyspark and other Big Data technologies for Data Science tasks. Recently I was the Lecturer of Apache Spark online course for the students of Aegis School of Business in Mumbai.


Be on Science’s Pulse with NLP or “What are the serious men talking about?”


During a talk Tetiana explained the main NLP approaches for keywords (keyphrases) extraction problem. Some of them they used for creating their product called Science Pulse, which is able to analyse hot topics in the scientific research, visualize the main trends in the publications and recommend similar directions the user may be interested in. A well-known e-print service ArXiv was chosen as the big and open storage of the Science papers, so Science Pulse will lead the user to the paper in few seconds, which is the closest to his interests.


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