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Lets roll back and go thru the agenda:


The event will consisted of:

1. Essential Machine Learning background for NLP.
Without the understanding of Machine Learning basics, it would be hard to grasp the modern state-of-the-art approaches to language processing. We covered the most important topics relevant to NLP: feature engineering, model selection, training, evaluation and troubleshooting, especially for Supervised Learning applications. Also we discussed Deep Learning and saw what it has to offer.

2. NLP challenges and approaches.
We outlined the commonly occurring tasks in NLP, from easy to hard, and explored the ways to tackle them with Machine Learning methods. Covered both classical and Deep Learning approaches.

Huts_photo-250x250Yuriy Guts
Data Science Team Lead at Ciklum, with over 10 years of data analytics, R&D and software engineering background.

Yuriy has been doing NLP for a living, and has taught several Machine Learning courses in Ukraine. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences and local community meetups.

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