So, our first .Net Morning@Lohika was successfully conducted last Saturday, 13th of February. We are grateful to all those who came and shared their experience and participate in a very lively discussion. Let’s look back on what was going on.


Serhiy Kalinets, Software Architect, Sigma Software

Sergey is a professional programmer and software architect living in Kyiv. Heavily advocates XP practices and strives to automate everything. TDD addict and console lover. Besides being .NET guy for years he tries to stay up to date with other technologies. Currently helps teams in Sigma Software to build cool products.
Busting .NET Myths

Since our childhood we’ve been surrounded by rules that we should abide by. We were taught not to put fingers into the outlet, to only walk across the street at green light and not even try to dry a cat in a microwave oven. Being kids we were just told that that was the wrong thing to do, and we took it for granted. When we became adults, we understood why this should not be done, and we were happy to hadn’t been taught that by our personal experience. However, there are other kind of rules. Such as “do not whistle in the house”, “avoid black cats” or “do not spill the salt”. After simple tests we realize that they are just myths or superstitions passed from generation to generation. However, that fact does not prevent millions of people from trusting them.

This talk was dedicated to similar myths from programming world. Some of them apply not just to .NET, but also to other platforms as well.

fesenkoIgor Fesenko, Software Architect Associate, SoftServe

Has 6+ year experience leading software development projects. Igor is passionate about designing and developing scalable, flexible, cloud-ready software solutions, utilizing state of art security practices.

Igor is proficient in C#, JavaScript and Azure and has managed and assessed multiple projects focusing on high performance and large data solutions, taking advantage of all the features and capabilities of Azure cloud services. His current focus is on the building and improvement of existing cloud solutions while continuously enriching his knowledge of Microsoft Azure.
Igor’s website:
Effective Memory Management – Memory Hygiene

Memory management in .NET is an impressively complex process, and most of the time it works pretty well. However, it’s not flawless, and neither are we developers, so memory management problems are still something that a skilled developer should be prepared for. There are a lot of hidden gems that we should know to write code for performance-critical systems.

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