Morning@Lohika keeps introducing non-technical and interesting topics at our events. On September, 14th, we had Motivation Morning@Lohika event related to communication. Our speaker was Andrii Stepura, a founder of Maysternya Leva

Language: Ukrainian

Level of the event: Regular

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Andrii Stepura

Topic: 9 motivation techniques

Every day we fight an invisible war. We influence people around us, they influence us. We negotiate, sell or buy products and ideas, persuade ourselves to start jogging or stop eating fast food. And this happens EVERY DAY.

How to influence people is a well-investigated topic of many academic papers and books. Instead of all those boring theories we will take a close look at 9 seamless techniques and use them in PRACTICE.

These 9 techniques are used by professional salesmen, therapists, priests, negotiators and adventurers. All of them are influence masters. All of them convince other people every day.

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Are a team leader looking for opportunities to motivate teammates;
  • Have a new idea and don’t know how to present it well;
  • Want to convince your boss to take your side;
  • Look for ways to motivate yourself;
  • Want to start tracking how you are influenced by different factors every day;
  • Want to take over the world, but you’re on a budget.

It’s very easy: just a few words on theory, few real-life examples and lots of practice.


Here is the presentation from the event and the videos: