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Another interesting Morning@Lohika smoothly took place last Saturday, 27th of June. We discussed an interesting and sensitive topic –  “Legacy projects: how to win the race”

Our speaker: Victor Polischuk, Java technical leader at Infopulse Ukraine. His production experience counts 13 years including about 11 years of Java development. Victor is an expert in Java & JavaScript, Smartass.

Many of us want participate in pure and all white project where every single technical decision is in our complete control. Yeah… what a beautiful dream. Despite our strong desire we usually end up with terribly written, barely documented, badly designed and critically loaded applications which cannot be re-written or re-factored due to catastrophic lack of time. Too well known situation, huh?
Victor has a decent experience with such projects and often after some work can be proud because the application receives a new life and a customer/product owner saves some budget. So we listened to a small guide on how to deal with “legacy” projects easily, successfully and with a benefit for you, your team, your company. With nice and smart comparisons, using good examples and real-life experience Victor ensured us that Legacy Projects are not as bad as it might appear. Victor’s tips&tricks will definitely help those who are involved in Legacy stuff to improve their performance and tackle probable issues.

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Here are some photos from the event


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