This time great speaker Oleksiy Panchenko  shared with us his knowledge in theme about : “Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana. Cool search, analytics, data mining and more…”

In the age of information and big data, ability to quickly and easily find a needle in a haystack is extremely important. Elasticsearch is a distributed and scalable search engine which provides rich and flexible search capabilities. Social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn), media services (Netflix, SoundCloud), Q&A sites (StackOverflow, Quora, StackExchange) and even divine GitHub – they all find data for you using Elasticsearch. In conjunction with Logstash and Kibana, Elasticsearch becomes a powerful log engine which allows to process, store, analyze, search through and visualize your logs.

There also were nice practical examples of using Elasticsearch on real projects


We listened to  Oleksiy Panchenko, senior software engineer from Lohika. Having many years of experience with different technologies and tools Oleksiy have a lot of practical stuff to share.

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