The speakers at our event Machines Morning@Lohika were Andriy Petlovanyy and Yuriy Senko. The event will take place on December, 7th, at Lohika Lviv Office.
Language: Ukrainian
Level of the event:Introductory

Andriy Petlovanyy (Global Logic, Senior Solution Architect)

‘Building Cyborgs’

Cyborgs are already living amongst us.
In this talk the speaker were sharing some insights from his experience of helping people become cyborgs:

– What does it take to make a cyborg?
– How do you comply with stringent governmental regulations?
– Which processes do you need in this highly responsible matter?
– What do you do to ensure that the person will not be harmed by integrated device(s)?
– Will more of us become cyborgs in future?


Yuriy Senko (Lohika, Staff Engineer)

Ruling the Word with IoT and Google Cloud’

In this talk I tried to share our experience of building the IoT cloud platform to fit specific business needs, as well as give some technical and non-technical insights about decisions we made. I also hope to gave some tips for these of you who are interested in IoT or just want to use Google Cloud Platform for work or fun.

Here are the presentation and the videos from the event: