Dear all,

We are glad to inform you that we have successfully opened our new Morning@Lohika tech talks season with JS Morning@Lohika which was dedicated to full stack unit testing for JavaScript web applications made using MEAN (Mongo DB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js).

Our JS Morning@Lohika consisted of few logical parts:

– what is a MEAN application?
– full spectrum testing for Angular.js based application
– Node.js application testing, e.g.:
~ unit tests
~ integration tests

Speaker: Pavlo Yuriychuk-circle

Pavlo Yuriychuk

Front-End Lead Developer at Global Logic, our welcomed guest from Kyiv. Started his career as a Flex Developer, but since 2010 moved fully to JavaScript world. Currently working as a front-end lead developer in GlobalLogic company. Performs full-stack development using knockout, html5, javascript, node.js, mongo. Conducted master classes in, taught Angular.js course in Level UP company. As he says about himself: “I love travelling, cooking, literature and theater. I am trying to develop and improve myself by mentoring colleagues and visiting master classes and conferences.“

During this event Pavlo explained us:
– what tools to use
– how and when to mock data and API
– how to isolate tests from third party dependencies and why to do so
– what pitfalls and hidden stones may happen during tests development and support

In addition, Pavlo provided us with explanation on how to build a testing stack on own practical example.

Hope you all enjoyed it. Please, leave a feedback on this event, your opinion can help us to become better!

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