Dear all,

It was really great to see you all with your warm greetings for our foreign speakers. We assure you that they got those positive vibes from the audience and were really happy to be at our latest Morning@Lohika. Let’s go thru the agenda to refresh our memory.

Philipp Krenn
Elastic, Austria

Databases – the choice is yours

In hardly any other area we’ve had as much change and improvement as in the field of databases. Just a few years ago everyone had “their” database that was used for each project. Today you are confronted with a variety of approaches and implementations.
We started off with a brief look at the theoretical background of distributed systems and databases in particular. After that, we discussed possible scenarios as well as the advantages and disadvantages of several databases:

* Why SQL is in fashion (again).
* Why MongoDB’s document structure fits object-oriented programming so well.
* How you can capture visitor hits with Redis efficiently.
* Why Cassandra is so scalable and fail-safe.
* How full-text search works with Elasticsearch.
The right choice of database(s) hasn’t become easier through the wide range of possibilities, but all the more interesting!

Nicolas Fränkel
Hybris, Switzerland

Spring Boot and Kotlin, a match made in Heaven

Despite being very new, spring boot has seen a spectacular start as an amazing kickstarter for spring-based application. You can now start your project in a matter of minutes, not days!
On the other hand, you’re still using Java, with all its ceremony regarding code… Wouldn’t it be great if we could pair Spring Boot with a powerful yet simple language? In this talk, I’ll live code a Spring Boot application using Kotlin, the friendly language provided by JetBrains. Come discover how you can now cut through all the red tape and finally focus only the important stuff.

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