Hi Morning Lohikans,

we all enjoyed our event Infinity Node.js Morning@Lohika on August, 10th. We had a nice chat with our old friend Nikita Galkin and he  gave a talk and a workshop, so it was something very practical.

Language: Russian

Level of the event: Deep details

The event took place at Lohika conference hall, Lviv, Lemkivska 15, 2 floor. 

Here is the presentation from the event and the videos:

1st part: a presentation of Back end For Front end: The Missing Manual

Description: Back end For Front end is not only pattern, it is also approach how your design and implement your application on the back end side. During the talk we covered questions about FE-BE protocols, architecture patterns and design thinking.

Talk based on 10+ web/mobile projects from different domains, where the speaker helped (re-)create a back end.

Main idea/talk’s takeaway: Don’t Make FE Developer Think!

During the talk, we will have TypeScript code examples, but ideas can be useful for any language.

2nd part: a workshop Troubleshooting guide for Node.js applications

Description: During this workshop, we reproduced several common cases when Node.js application is failed. In every case, we chose a tool that helps us in the issue of troubleshooting. For example, we studied how to debug Node.js in a local and remote environment.

Thanks for joining us at the Infinity Node.js Morning@Lohika.


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