So, the Title of the event was not exactly what it should’ve been in terms of weather outside Lohika Lviv Office. But it was pretty much Indian summer-hot inside.

The temperature was increased wit the help of two great guys: Oleksandr Pavlyshch and Vitalii Ratyshnyi, with their presentations and live discussion.

Let’s go back to what we’ve discussed last Saturday:

1. Oleksandr Pavlyshch

Topic: Machines must suffer


A story about how to stop doing the tedious job every day and make machines suffer instead of you. And if the solution does not exist you are always able to write it.

During this versatile talk Oleksandr covered:

  • PostCSS and how to write custom plugins
  • CSS regression testing using Backstop
  • Bookmarklet scripts
  • Google extensions and Google scripts
  • and much more 


About Speaker:

Oleksandr Pavlyshch, Front-end Developer, Astound Commerce

  • Credo: Actions be Louder Than Words
  • Forever learning
  • Love CSS, JS and challenges
  • Always open to new experience


2. Vitalii Ratyshnyi

Topic: Vue: Business-first


Angular, React, who will be next big player in front-end world? Vue.

Vitalii is using Vue for more than a year in production so he decided to share some practical experience with you.

During this talk, he covered:

  • why Vue is a good choice on front-end
  • how Vue helps you keep a focus on business logic
  • strong and weak sides of Vue
  • and much more

Also, we discussed Vue ecosystem, e.g. state management, routing, community, etc.


About speaker:

Vitalii Ratyshnyi, Front-end Developer, YouWe

Currently working as a front-end developer at YouWe where he is developing large-scale POS platform using Vue as main front-end technology.

More than 3 years of commercial experience in web development. Vue-evangelist, but always keep eye on latest trends and approaches.

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