High Load Morning@Lohika took place on 4th of October as usual in comfortable conference hall of Lohika Systems company.

During High Load Morning@Lohika we get acquainted with architecture of real application developed in Ukraine with more than 100 million active users, average load 11000 req/sec, more than 20 billion requests a month.

During our morning our welcomed speaker Dmytro Dumanskiy answered to the questions below:

  • what lessons we learned?
  • what code performance improvements were done?
  • how Coda Hale metrics helped us?
  • how introducing Redis improved request processing speed 10x times?
  • how Java 7 improved performance and what features did we use?
  • why we don’t like Amazon services?
  • how to build reporting with 25GB data per hour and why we use Cascading?

Dmitriy Dumanskiy-circle

Dmytriy Dumanskiy

Our welcomed guest from Kyiv, Java team lead with 9+ years experience. For last 6 years working mostly on advertising projects. Designed scalable, high-load, distributed advertising systems. Closely working with big data and related tech stacks. Specializing on performance optimization and improvements. Have big experience with different no-sql solutions. Currently working in Cogniance company. Active speaker on local events and conferences, e.g. one of the best presentations on JEEConf 2014 in Kyiv.


If you wasted a chance to discover insight information about real high-load project developed in Ukraine, then check video from the event:

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