It was pleasure to see you all at our Grammarly Morning@Lohika NLP: Third Chapter last Saturday, 28th of January, 2017. Thanks all for supporting a lively atmosphere and interesting discussion. Let’s look back and refresh our memory.


 Mariana Romanyshyn (Technical Lead, Computational Linguist at Grammarly)

With support of Oksana Kunikevych and Khrystyna Skopyk (Computational Linguists at Grammarly)
About speaker:
Technical Lead, Computational Linguist at Grammarly. Mariana has taken part in various Natural Language Processing projects, is passionate about NLP, and, in her free time, works on the corpus of the Ukrainian language. She is a speaker at AI-related conferences and meetups.
We dived into the mysteries of computational linguistics with genuine computational linguists!
  • NLP in our world: useful and not-so-useful applications of NLP in our daily life
  • hidden features of natural language
  • exploration of NLP algorithms and attempts to implement them
  • sources and types of data
  • implementation of an error-correction pipeline: classical NLP vs. machine learning


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