Functional Morning@Lohika that took place on 11th of February.

Our guest on the event was Grzegorz Piwowarek, the famous speaker that gave talks on many famous conferences like Devoxx, Buildstuff, JDay Lviv, JavaDay Kyiv, etc.



Grzegorz Piwowarek


About the speaker:

Grzegorz is a senior software developer@TouK in Warsaw, senior technical editor@Baeldung, guitarist@VisionsOfTondal, retired professional yo-yo player and a former Mensa member.

His professional experience ranges from backend web development and systems’ integration to image recognition engines. Grzegorz is fascinated by the beauty of functional programming and recently helping in spreading the Javaslang word.


During the first part, we  explored the paradigm of Functional Programming(in an OOP-friendly way) and saw how it was implemented in Java 8 and then live-coded our way through the new APIs.

In the second part, we  explored the Javaslang project – a project that brings even more FP goodies to Java. We had a look at the new tools, persistent data structures and how Java 8 issues got fixed.

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