Let’s go back to what we’ve discussed last Saturday at our Front End Morning@Lohika with three great speakers:

1. Maksym Klymyshyn 

Topic : Asynchronous replication and Conflict-free replicated data type. (45 min)
About the topic: CRDT specification and basic data structure with implementation in JavaScript
About the speaker : Full-stack software engineer for Clojure/ClojureScript/Python/JavaScript-based projects with 10+ years experience in technical team leadership and management of distributed teams. More than 20 projects successfully delivered in the United States, Canada, France, UK, the Norway and Ukraine.


2. Mykhailo Ivankiv 

Topic : Answer to the most important question about CSS.(~ 15min)
About the topic: Speaker taught us how to make our life splendid, our hair silky and make-up excellent. 
About the speaker : I’m a Web developer. Front-end Web developer.

3. Alex Zinevych 

Topic : How I spent my summer or Migration from AngularJS to Angular with UI-router. (~1hour)
About the topic : Migration of old projects written in AngularJS to a new version of Angular is one of the tasks which developers face more and more often in the world of front-end development. He shared his personal experience of migration to new Angular in this presentation.
Opening with some theory and explanation why migration to a new version is a good thing and showed us how the process unfolds. Then he went on to a small demo, which helped him demonstrate the whole thing. Finished with a recap of personal observations regarding the migration process.
About the speaker : Front-end Tech Lead at Datamart.inc. 6+ years experience in ІТ: began as .NET developer, then Java and even a bit Ruby, over the past years have been working with JavaScript and many of its directions. Prefer Web applications development since I’m confident this is a future technology and we witness the globe gradually migrating to the Web. I also paint and travel at leisure, as memories and impressions are something you cannot buy or get from books or YouTube videos.

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