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Dear Morning@Lohika minded people!

So, last Saturday was really hot, we must admit. For most people it was a great chance to go out of town, swim in the lake or something like that, but for true Morning@Lohika-minded guys this Saturday morning was all into learning new things and listening to two great speakers sharing their experience on up-to-date front-end issues.  This Morning@Lohika was dedicated to Front-end world.


Our first speaker Roman Kyrylych names himself as self-taught programmer. He possesses more than 7 years of experience in developing complex web applications.Roman has Ed.S. and B.S. in Biology, he is Arch Linux developer fellow, TL at Lohika.
Roman will talk on the following topic: “Modern Web Applications and Browser Support”.

Every web developer knows the pain of supporting old browser versions.
Unfortunately, customers often want to support ancient browsers even though new applications often require modern web technologies.

We  discussed the current state of web standards support in browsers, how it impacts requirements and possibilities, and how an informed decision on supported browsers list can make a good impact on a real project. Roman showed some really useful things and definitely, clarified some usual front-end issues.

In the second part of the event our next speaker Dima Maleev, Chief Software Engineer@Epam, Director@Lviv Code School talked on “Java Script in Mobile World” topic.

JavaScript is freaking everywhere. We used to JS on web apps, we even OK if JS is on back-end. Now JS is totally in mobile applications. And Dima, using all his knowledge and charm, introduce us his experience and some up-to-date things inside this topic.

And also, Dima’s presentation

Here are some photos from the event

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