Last Saturday, on 5th of December, two great speakers from Odesa Ksenia Redunova and Andrey Kolodnitskiy were our guests at Morning@Lohika. Ksenia had a presentation “Stylish visualizations with D3.js” and Andrey  shared with us his knowledge about “The Flexbox Paradigm: Guide, Tips & Tricks”. 


Kseniya Redunova
Team Lead in Lohika, Odesa

  • 10+ years experience in web development, from UI/UX to hardcore JavaScript
  • Had started working with JavaScript long time before it became mainstream
  • Took part in lots of cool projects: MyDeco 3d planner, ASmallWorld social network, Comodo products etc.

Kseniya told us about Data visualization basic concepts. D3.js core and the most interesting features.Since data visualization is becoming more and more popular, this talk is useful for people who started working with data visualizations or just interested in this topic. Basic knowledge of D3.js is not required. Basic knowledge of JS is a big plus.

Kseniya Redunova


Andrey Kolodnitsky

About speaker:
Passionate developer with more than 10 years of experience in web development area.
Being equally interested in backend and front end.
Keen to learn new technologies and frameworks and integrate them in real projects.

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