Hi, Morning@Lohikans,

We were happy to see you at Exotic DB Morning@Lohika. It was pleasure to listen to Olga Budzhak (Scalr, Python Engineer) & Vitalii Torshyn (Lohika, Java Engineer) from Lviv.

The event took place on 16th March, at Lohika Lviv Office

Olga Budzhak (Scalr, Python Engineer)

Description: The presentation answered the questions:

1. what is time-series database?
2. what is influxDB in particular?
3. which are influxdb main concepts and special things?
4. which Pros and Cons does influxDB have?
5. how influxDB queries work(select, insert, update, delete)?
6. how is DB looking from file system perspective?
demo will be made – basic influxDB use case considered
As a bonus:
you will hear the stories from my own experience with influxDB problems:)
What I want to achieve with my presentation:
You will have understanding whether or not influxDB will fit your project, and if yes, you will be ready to face the risks it may bring

Here is a link to the presentation.

Vitalii Torshyn (Lohika, Java Engineer) 

Fast and reliable: Databases in Telecom

Description: An interesting journey into Telecom world: from antenna to your profile stored somewhere in data center. We would take a look into modern in-memory database – VoltDB. Also be ready for interesting experiment and grab your WI-FI enabled phone with you!

Here is a link to the presentation.