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And finally our  Morning@Lohika which we organized together with JUG of Lviv was successfully conducted on 18th of April.

Two awesome speakers with unified topic – “DSL by example: Gradle and not only” pleased us with their great speeches.

Our event consisted of two talks:

Part 1.

Speaker: Sergey Morenets, Freelancer, Odessa

More than 11 years of Java experience. Founder of http://it-simulator.com portal. Author of “Development of Java applications” book. Java evangelist.

Talk: “Gradle. Write once, build everywhere”


Build management systems are one of the most important and useful developer tools.
Maven is most popular build tool at the moment. However new products are regularly coming on the market. We talked about Gradle – general-purpose build system which popularity quickly grows year after year, and reviewed its features and use cases, compare with other build systems.

Part 2.

Speaker: Oleh Sklyarenko, Lohika, Lviv

Professional developer experienced in various technological domains including: server-side Java development, mobile development iOS/Blackberry, desktop development, multimedia, web UI development. Oleh is passionate about making software development efficient by leveraging established Agile engineering practices.

Talk: “DSL in Action”


  • Intro:
    • DSL in a nutshell
    • Where and why DSL is being used
    • Examples of DSL
    • Problems solved via introduction of DSL
    • Problems caused due to introduction of DSL
  •  What is DSL
    • DSL elements
    • Technical implementation of DSL
  • DSL in Action. Live demo and review of 2 examples. Examples will be shown in Java/Groovy and Ruby.

We also provided our participants with pleasant gifts –  free tickets for Java Day Lviv 2015. Congratulations to Volodymyr Bereziuk and Roman Bandura. Many thanks to our partners JUG.UA and Java Day Lviv 2015.

We highly appreciated the great contribution of JUG of Lviv community by having invited Sergey Morenets to be a speaker on this Morning@Lohika.

As usually, we are waiting for your precious feedback, which you can leave here by filling in our feedback form! This will definitely help us to become better for you!

Presentations can be downloaded here:

Gradle: Write once, build everywhere

DSL in Action

Follow us on our YouTube channel for video report. And of course, some photos from the event.




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