Hi all,

We want to to say “thank you” both to the audience and to Anastasia. It was really great. Besides an interesting topic and lively discussion, Anastasiia told us an inspiring story about how to become a Data Scientist and find your place in this tech world.

We discussed:
• what data science is?
• how to start?
• how to be a data scientist?
• where to find the data?

There also was a practical part with examples of data obtaining, visualization, transformation and modeling.


kornilova 2

Anastasiia Kornilova

About Anastasiia:
Data scientist for more than three years.
Professional interests includes recommendation systems, natural language processing and scalable data science solutions.
Big fan of online education and an author of two blogs: – in Ukrainian, about data science and online learning and in English, more data science specific.

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