So our Saturday’s 21st of November Big Data Morning@Lohika has already passed and now we can look back and remind ourselves how great it really was.


Our first speaker was Serhiy Masyutin Serhiy is a Staff Engineer on Lohika focused on BigData and Machine Learning.

Serhiy was talking on the following topic: “A Big Data scaling story”

Serhiy told us a story of a project architecture evolution and cluster scaling from development environment to production-ready cluster. You must now definitely know how small architectural
step-by-step changes affect application performance and learn some lessons on scaling cluster for production performance.


In the second part of the event  – speaker Roman Chukh. Roman is self-educated software engineer with 11+ years of experience in software development, server administration and product deployment. Highly interested in data storage / data processing topics. Roman had a presentation: “Spark: Migration Story”:

“Spark is fast and general engine for large-scale data processing which can solve all of your problems.
… Or can it?

And please, write us a couple of words about this event down here. This feedback will help us to improve the venue as well as other related stuff. Just tell us what.


The video will be available here soon.
Thanks a lot for coming and making this event possible.
See you!

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