The speaker at our event Behavior Morning@Lohika were Oksana Smilka. The event took place on February, 8th, at Lohika Lviv Office

Language: Ukrainian

Level of the event:Regular

Oksana Smilka (Scalr Labs Ukraine, Chief Of Employee Success)

Discover the HOW, the WHAT and the WHY behind what people do

Human behavior can be a mystery. At home or at the workplace behavior and personality are often misunderstood and become areas of stress that affect your work productivity and happiness.

How to predict other people’s actions?

Do we really want the same in different situations and how to make a win-win out of them?

Why one teammate readily accepts the tasks given by the manager and never argues, but his/her colleague always argues despite the company hierarchy, suggests own opinion, and casts doubt on the manager’s decisions? Whose behavior is the most acceptable?

Is there a common approach to such different people? Is it possible “to recognize” the person without a sophisticated assessment but only by observing and communicating with him/her?

Does anybody know “magic pattern,” which helps to create strong teams and provide effective communication? The pattern which is the basis for better self-understanding and understanding the others, no matter who they are – colleagues, customers, managers, teams, family members, or friends.

So, I suggest you come and try if DISC may become such a “magic pattern” for you as it already became for millions of people all over the world.

All the money were donate to the needs of IT-Миколай.




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