Hi, Morning@Lohikans,

We were excited to see all the participants of Pitfalls Morning@Lohika on July, 27th. Our welcomed speakers were Ivan Lavriv (Competence Lead/Pre-Sales Engineer at Perfectial) from Kyiv & Dmytro Uchkin (Front-End Engineer at Lohika) from Lviv.


Here are the presentation and the videos from the event:


Ivan Lavriv (Compentence Lead / Pre Sales Engineer at Perfectial)

Software Engineer with 8 years of experience, focused on full-cycle development and common aspects of the software development process.

Why do we need standards for software development and where to find them? by Ivan Lavriv

Description: During the talk, we discussed why it is important to follow certain standards of software development, just like in any other engineering industry. How these specifications smooth out the difficulties of the process and who can become the originator of such standards.

Dmytro Uchkin (Front end Engineer at Lohika)

3 years of experience in CS, Full-stack development, bachelor degree.

Async features of JavaScript: tips and tricks by Dmytro Uchkin

Description: Asynchronous programming become as popular as classical synchronous programming. In JavaScript it’s extremely easy to write asynchronous code. But if you want to be effective with it, you have to understand the basic principles that it’s built on.


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