We are glad to invite you to our next event Bug Seeker Morning@Lohika. This time we welcome the speakers Oleg Nikiforov and Olga Kovalenko. The event will take place on March 16th, at Lohika Lviv Office. Registration starts at 9:30, the event at 10:00.Language: UkrainianLevel of the event: Regular

Oleg Nikiforov  (Lohika, QA Engineer, Kyiv)
8 years of QA experience, mostly with native mobile applications and backend testing. I enjoy speaking at different conferences and sharing my knowledge with others.


Analysis and Modification of Mobile Applications Traffic

Probably 9 out of 10 mobile applications communicate with different services via network requests now. Usually, this kind of communication is relatively hard to debug and modify. In my talk I would like to share my experience with using network sniffers to work with mobile apps network traffic to not only monitor and analyze but also to intercept and change it for a variety of reasons.”

 Olga Kovalenko (Lohika, Senior Mobile QA Engineer, Kyiv)
QA engineer with over 7 years of experience. I was working with various mobile and web projects in areas such as finance, management systems, medicine, analytical systems. I managed to work with multiple teams around the world.


Knowledge Transfer from Zero to Hero

All of us, in one way or another, are faced with the knowledge transfer in our work, but is it always an easy task?

In my report I want to share ideas and approaches on how to organize the knowledge transfer, how people perceive information, and where to start.”